What is $Kombat

KombatFinance is a decentralised and tokenized platform that offers gamers all over the world a thrilling new Triple-A gaming experience, in which participants can earn crypto currency while Fighting.

The game release will be called Kombat. Kombat is an open-world F2E (Fight to earn) Unreal Engine/ Unity realistic graphics RPG that fully integrates NFTs, allowing players to create real value in a virtual world.

Take true ownership of your in-game assets and participate in a new economy where rewards are based on time, effort and skill

The Ultimate #Fight2Earn Gaming Platform

$Kombat will offer its investors an amazing utility. This will be a mobile application supported for all devices to track, earn and connect with other gamers from across the world. Currently, the mobile application is in development and yet to be released to the public. Our developers are working ever so hard to ensure a beta product is soon to be released for selected individuals for testing purposes.

Experienced Team that will continue to push strategically to expand

Marketing is an ongoing and fluid endeavour. There is never a time when marketing is not happening whether it is through ad campaigns, influencers, listings and other ways to bring exposure to the project. The team is always keeping an eye on the current market to see

what is working and what is not working for other projects. Marketing a token is a fine art that requires timing, community, and a bit of luck.

Our success is built on our innovation and never-ending commitment to new challenges.

Our community is diverse and very active in helping out new members. You’ll feel like home here. Here are some FAQs you might wanna checkout. Feel free to reach out on our Social Media channels if you have any other questions and want to know more

KOMBAT Game trailer


We are an experienced team that works hard daily with this as our full time job. Have successfully made projects gain into double-digit million marketcaps from much smaller starts. Well known team that is ready to make Binance Smart Chain the Super Chain we all know it to be.
1. Install trust wallet or metamask.
2. Load your wallet with BNB.
3. Swap BNB for Smart Chain.
4. Connect wallet to pancakeswap.
5. Add $Kombat Contract address.
6. Set slippage to 10-11% and then BUY!
The team consists of 6 highly skilled full-stack, blockchain and game developers, as well as UI, VR, content and 3D designers. Members of the team have worked for some of the biggest crypto gaming projects in the metaverse space.
Please send an application to our email with your qualifications and kindly wait for our response.

Make your move and fight

Climb to the top of the leaderboard

Win tokens, earn NFTs and build reputation

Equipment system includes: KNIFES

Characters Information


Characterised by excellent defence and strength. Players can engage enemies and use powerful combos to engage in stable battles. In particular, he has a special appearance at close range.


With a long range and optimised manoeuvrability. Players can enjoy flexible battles that adapt to the situation with skills with various debuffs.


specialises in chasing using a powerful charge, and shows a powerful figure that drives his enemy to the limbs with a continuous tarot without rest. This is a unique technique. Its defensive abilities are somewhat inferior, but it has a unique battle that confuses his attackers with unexpected fight patterns to claim victory.

Get ready to fight!

• KombatFinance BSC is a 3D Classic FightToEarn game with blockchain technology integrated directly into the game along
• In the KombatFinance BSC gaming universe, anybody can fight and earn.
• The token $Kombat is a crypto token which is available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
• We give focus on the entertainment of our users and decentralised gaming community.
• The Token $Kombat is a decentralised crypto coin that provides instant rewards to active users in $Kombat Tokens

Beta Version

Statistical data

The economic system for play-to-earn blockchain games is developing exponentially, So we believe that gaming on blockchain networks is the way of the future. Our success is built on our innovation and never-ending commitment to new challenges. As a result, you may discover that some of the knowledge you gather is useful in the future.

Open for global participants

Inside the new gaming technology, where tokenized game currencies and blockchain-based game characters will revolutionize the industry. All gamers should have the opportunity to earn from their skill inside the games and be rewarded for contributing to the success of those video games. KombatFinance gives the advantage to allow unrestricted and decentralized cross-border transactions. We will bring about a financial revolution where everyone will be more financially connected, empowered, and capable


Phase 1

• Presale Initial stealth
• Launch on Pancakeswap
• 600 holders
• 600 telegram members
• Stickers for the telegram group worldwide communities
• Application to Coinsniper, coinhunt, Watcherguru, etc

Phase 2

• CoinGecko application and listing
• Meme contest + Giveaways
• LitePaper creation
• Poocoin banners and influencers
• 2,000 holders and application to CMC
• DApp internal testing

Phase 3

• CMC listing
• Logo on TrustWallet & BscScan
• First NFT Giveaway
• TechRate Audit
• AMAs
• More community events
• Hiring new dedicated team members
• Game Release

Phase 4

• Public dashboard goes live (DAPPS)
• Internal Testing of NFT Marketplace
• Various Partnerships & Sponsorships Advertising campaign expansion
• Yahoo Finance, Benzinga, MarketWatch, and Bloomberg articles Website overhaul
• 25,000 holder

Phase 5

• 100,000 holders
• Expansion of roadmap
• Certik audit
• Staking


2% Automatic Liquidity

Allocation for automatically added to LP pool to solidify price floor.

3% Marketing & Buyback

Allocation for marketing and buyback Used for Kombat Marketing to sustain growth of the token in the long term.

1% Developer

Contract developer is allocated 1% of all transactions to keep consistency off their proficiency in our smart contract code.

1% Team Development

Allocation for our software engineers and UNITY development team working behind our game UI. As well as for the Kombat Team's behalf.

3% Game Development

Allocation for game development. Used for the development/updates on the Kombat game to ensure a sustainability of continued growth for the token in the long term.

The whole gaming reward is shown above.


Our team is working on developing an NFT collection, which will serve as the basis for developing a better and more hyped game. You buy the NFT and use it in- game. Thus, ensuring that our holders experience an amazing gaming experience. And the best: That they can have a passive income with our game.


Join the other fighters

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